The EUÕs control structure in Britain

The following are all involved with building the EU dictatorship.  An estimate of the percentage of members involved with this agenda or its associated corruption is shown alongside. This is not an exhaustive list.

The Bilderbergers – Europe wide

A society of 140 top politicians and the powerful, whose main concern is building the EU police state:  96%. All our Prime Ministers since Ted Heath have been Bilderbergers.  This society has sufficient members within the leaderships of the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties, that it can choose the candidates who stand for leader. They threw Margaret Thatcher out and replaced her with a compliant Bilderberger, John Major. Tony Blair, David Cameron and Gordon Brown (who joined in 1991), are Bilderbergers and work for the EU, not for the voters they pretend to represent. That is why your vote makes no difference.

Britain is the target

Amongst its 27 nations, Britain is the main target. They know from our long history and two world wars the EU dictatorship cannot be built while there is a strong and freedom loving Britain on its doorstep. 

   For that reason the EUÕs British sympathisers have been undermining us with scores of Frankfurt School subversion techniques since the 1950Õs, including control of the media, the corruption of our courts, political correctness to prevent debate, undermining teachers and the family.

    That is why, for example, the French donÕt implement many EU regulations, but in Britain our fifth column implements the lot, and gold plates them.

The Deutsche Verteiderungs Dienst Intelligence department

Controls development of the EU. Set up by Adolf Hitler in 1942, who created the EU as the EEC in 1940.  Recruits British politicians including Edward Heath, Geoffrey Rippon and Roy Jenkins, and major British newspapers for the EU.  Some of our top politicians are DVD assets now (possibly Milliband, Brown, Blair), we may not know who until their deaths.

The Conservative Party

The leadership: 75%. Penetrated by a pro-EU leadership since the 1960Õs, the Conservative Party is the primary instrument of the European Union in Britain.  The Party founded Common Purpose in 1970, and created the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in 1992 as a honey trap to neutralise activists.   

    The Conservatives say at elections they will do something minor about the EU (eg. Cameron promised to leave the European PeopleÕs Party; he lied). They never do - its leaders are deeply dedicated to the EU; the likes of Cameron and Francis Maude would rather be in the EU than be in power, traitors to their nation and to Conservative voters.

Labour and the Lib Dems

Their leaderships (60%) have been EU controlled for 15 years. A vote for these three parties is a vote for the EU dictatorship. We have a one party state. Nigel Farage leader of UKIP and Nick Griffin of the BNP both work for the EU.

The Freemasons:

The top 10% of BritainÕs 400,000 active freemasons.  Most freemasons would be horrified if they knew what their own leadership are up to, or what their real goals are. See to find out.

(It is difficult to be promoted above the rank of sergeant in the police if you are not a freemason, slightly higher ranks in the Army, Royal Navy and RAF).

The Legal Profession:

Law Lords 80%, Lawyers as a whole: 65%.  British justice is now utterly corrupt. See our August issue. Law Lords refuse to enforce our long and written British Constitution, under which the EU is an illegal regime. They are themselves guilty of misprision of treason - the crime of refusing to act when they know treason has been committed.

Common Purpose:

The EUÕs criminal local control organisation with 25,000 members: 60% involved. Many members think its all above board, and do not realise they have not been selected.

   Common Purpose have penetrated the BBC, where four hundred of them control news and current affairs, our newspapers, council executives, the Church of England, the NHS which over 20 years they have deliberately destroyed from within, social services, our police and many more.  Common Purpose members control the Quango budget, £167 billion, and the NHS budget, £90 billion, ie about £210 billion, or 1/3 of our taxes.


Among all the above are about 30,000 dedicated British traitors sabotaging our nation, with 100,000 useful idiots implementing the EUÕs corruption, and feeding off its gravy train. But there are 62 million of us; we need to shake off their disinformation, realise the truth, and kick them all out of office. To stop these 55,000 fraudsters, we need just 10,000 of you.

David Noakes.