Destruction of Britain's economy by the EU
Annual Cost of the EU £300 billion

Cost of the EU's 8,500 quangos now £167 billion pa
The Cabinet Office confirmed the cost of quangos in Britain was £167 billion in 2007 (all the national newspapers reported it). That makes it by far the Treasury's biggest expense - the NHS comes next at £90 billion (itself packed with an internal quango bureaucracy costing £60 billion).

In 2006 the Cabinet Office reported a quango cost of £124 billion. Only the Westminster News, and the Telegraph six months later, picked it up. This is the reason the Treasury is unable to pay its bills and the pound is falling against even the fragile dollar - ten years ago the cost of quangos was negligible. The massive increase is almost entirely due to the EU.

These quangos exist to buy patronage - thousands of influential people are bribed with £100,000 - £300,000 salaries to do nothing but smooth the way for the EU. If quangos do anything, they generally enforce EU regulations.

EU Regulation - £100bn pa
The annual cost of regulations to industry, together with the cost the government quangos who enforce them, is now £100 billion per annum or 9% of our economy, according to the 2005 Anual Report of the Government's Better Regulation Task Force. David Arculus, its Managing Director says EU regulation is now our biggest industry (larger than tourism at £67 bn.) There are 113,500 regulations now; only 2% of them are not from the EU.

We lose £30 billion pa trading with the EU
Before we joined the EU we broke even on our balance of trade with the EU. Now, according to the Treasury Pink Book, we lose £30 billion on our foreign exchange with the EU. Even this was a lie by politicians - they said the EU would be good for trade. It has been a disaster.

EU contributions and CAP £23 bn
Our £8bn net annual contribution is now increased, by the loss of our £3bn rebate, to £11 billion. The Common Agricultural Policy CAP costs us £15bn, total £26bn.

The loss of industries to the EU; a lot more than £20 bn
In the EU we are designated a tourist economy, which is why our government has been collaborating with closing our industries. From Coal to Petrol stations to car paint shops, 2/3 of our farming, abbatoirs, to big industry like the Rover Car company. We have no figures, except for fishing, £5 billion. We also have no figures for metrication, or the cost of administering the EU's VAT. Underestimate at £20 billion

Deliberate destruction of Britain's economy and the Pound
The EU is close to destroying our economy; that's why the pound has been falling on foreign exchanges.

Immigration and house price collapse
The EU got control of our borders in the 1997 Amsterdam Treaty, and have let 10 million immigrants in, nearly 3 million last year alone; 1.3 million of them were Poles according to the government. Massive immigration coupled with deliberately low interest rates have forced house prices to the skies. The next plan is to collapse the economy, with high interest rates if necessary, to send house prices through the floor creating negative equity. The banks will end up owning our houses. (The communist EU does not believe in private ownership of property) In real terms immigration has halved the wages for the poorest English workers, more of whom are unemployed now than in 15 years.

Deliberate destruction of Britain's economy and the Pound
The EU is close to destroying our economy; that's why the pound has been falling.

Article 2 clause 4 of the Reform Treaty (Treaty of Lisbon) gives the EU the power to impose the Euro on us. They may choose not to. The EU dictatorship cannot be built while there is a strong and freedom loving Britain on its doorstep. That is why they have been attempting to undermine us with Frankfurt School subversion techniques since the 1950's.

If they force the Euro on us, it makes it more difficult to destroy us without damaging the EU too. If they leave us with the Pound Sterling, and order the EU fifth column in Britain (Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, all our ministers, 26,000 footsoldiers) to continue destroying it, the destruction of Britain will be far more complete.

Add up the Government’s figures on the total Cost of the EU: £310 billion pa
£167bn quangos, +£23bn, +£20bn + regulations £100bn = £310 bn /365 days = £849 million/day. £310bn /28m workers = £11,070pa cost per worker, which could all be extra salary. This leaves out the 30bn balance of trade.

Economists’s costs £80bn
But this excludes the cost to GDP of associating with Europe's slow growth (1.8%, down to 1.2% in the last quarter) instead of the much faster Commonwealth's growth (3.4% versus our 2.6% =0.8% x our £1 trillion GDP = £80 billion). Cost of being part of the EU's failing economy: 0.8% GDP per annum, £80 bn

At this rate, the EU will make Britain the worst performing EU country.

The EU costs £6.15 per hour off everyone’s pay (at 1,800 working hours/year)

That's why so many people earn only £5 per hour when they should be earning double that - the EU has sucked the wealth out of the economy before it gets to them.

Estimation of total cost of 36 Years in the EU = £310/2 x 36= £5,580 billion.

The total cost of the EU to date is probably over £5 trillion, or 5 years GDP. If we hadn’t just lived through the biggest boom in history, the EU would already have destroyed Britain economically. In this downturn, it will.

The EU’s costs of £310 billion are 25% of our entire £1,330 billion economy (GDP 2007)



A Cost Too Far? published by Civitas, £15bn CAP, £5bn net annual contribution.
Eurostat put Europe's growth at 1.8% at 30th Sept 2004. The next quarter was an annual rate of 1.2% and its still falling.

Regulations The BRTF is now renamed the Better Regulation Commission. Its 2005 Annual Report -Better Regulation from Design to Delivery repeats the conclusion it has often made elesewhere: The Managing Director, David Arculus's states in his foreward, page 2, that regulation costs us £100 billion pa. Tony Blair's page 6 forward to the government's BRC's report confirms beyond all doubt these are government figures.

In a Parliamentary answer to Lord Stoddart in January 2003, the government (Lady Symons, Deputy Leader of the Lords) admitted there were 101,811 EU regulations from 1972 up to August 2002. (13 January 2003, Lords Written Answers, "EC Regulations", Hansard, Volume No. 643). EU regulations are arriving at the rate of 3,500 a year, so about 113,500 regulations now.

The number of British regulations not inspired by the EU is less than 2% of the total.

The £100 billion these regulations cost us is cash, paid out by industry implementing these regulations, and paid by the government, enforcing them. Regulation is 12% of the EU economies - the reference is the EU Commission's Annual Report on Competitiveness:

In April 2004 the New York Federal Reserve Board produced a report concluding the UK's Gross Domestic Product would be 12.4% bigger (at least £125 billion) without the EU's baleful regulations.

The EU trade deficit is a simple matter: We were lied to there would be "trade benefits" if we joined the EU. We had an even balance of trade before we joined the EU - we lost nothing.

Now we've been in for 33 years we lose £30 billion a year (2005) trading with the EU (balance of payments deficit)- this is the opposite to what we were promised. Even the one benefit the EU was to deliver is a lie.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2004 we had a trade deficit with the EU of £22.1 billion a year, figure 9.3. Its now higher, running at £2.9 billion for the month of December 2005 alone, acording to the Office for National Statistics, and reported by the BBC That's £34 billion a year if it stays at this level, and its growing, not falling.

The EU - a corrupt leadership, six treaties that build a dictatorship, with the laws of a police state, that has already cost us over five trillion pounds, and will lead us into poverty.

David Noakes