David Noakes

I am an independent Town Councillor, not a member of any political party, because all of them, including UKIP, are controlled by the EU.  In England genuinely anti-EU people are excluded from senior positions in politics, so I do not now expect a political career.

I stood for the leadership of UKIP in 2006, was 19th out of 497 UKIP candidates in the 2005 General Election in terms of votes won. I founded and was editor of five anti-EU newspapers which briefly reached 100,000 circulation; examples of three are on this website.

David NoakesI believe...

- the constitution, laws and regulations of the EU will enable it to hold us in a slavery similar to that endured by Soviet citizens; and that a General Strike against the EU until our government resigns or repeals the six EU treaties before we are imprisoned inside is the best hope of escape.

- that the only way we will wake up a disinterested nation glued to our controlled TV is to tell the brutal truth. Ambiguous slogans like "Its time we governed ourselves" merely evoke the feeling "we, do, we vote for our own government." And the campign's wasted. We need to shock them with the truth: the fact they're going into poverty in a dictatorship and police state.

- we stand for the people of this country, who come first above all else, and who should be the ultimate authority on all matters. Parliament should be subservient to the wishes of the people.

- that our own government is the greatest threat to our economic well being, to our freedom, and to the very existence of our nation, and our British Constitution will need to be reformed to control it.

- in truly fair elections, the British ballot box system, and am against the use of computers or other systems that allow the manipulation of votes.

- people should have the right to vote for policies and not just for politicians, who usually ignore their wishes.

- that the police state is being largely implemented and enforced by computers, which are an enormous threat to our liberty, and the use of computers in government and corporations should be severely curtailed by law.

- that honesty is the best guarantor against unwanted compromises and corruption.

- the disadvantaged merit more of our attention.

- in small government, low taxation (a maximum of 30% of GDP), low regulation.

- many struggle to make ends meet, while more than half of our taxes are wasted by government.

- we have had 50 years of bad government, and have the worst of it right now.

- we need an annual referendum system like Switzerland to control politicians and stop Parliament passing destructive legislation.

- politicians decide the wealth of a country. Good government would make millions better off.

- we need not tie ourselves to the USA when they have ill-conceived policies or poor government.

There are 200 countries in the world outside Europe. We have the world's 5th largest economy; if they can make it without Europe, we will handsomely.

Career – in reverse

An anti EU campaigner, I run websites telling the truth about the EU police state; they're visited by 6,000 people a month. I attempt to persuade MP's and those in the public eye of the dangers of the EU, and to that end I'm often in the House of Commons, Portcullis House and the BBC Television Centre.


UKIP General Election Candidate, Truro and St Austell 2005.


Twenty four years in computing, a computer consultant for the last 10 years, recently at the BBC in London.

Eight years in New York City (latterly JP Morgan Chase Bank, 95 Wall St.) 

Brussels for a time, with a brief period of secondment to the European Union (DGV) -experienced the waste close up.

A good understanding of US economic and political systems, their advantages (and disadvantages).

Thorough understanding of accountancy, good grasp of economics.

Good understanding of contract law; ability to summarise.

Have UK and US pilot's licenses with 600 hours, IMC, night and twin ratings.  USA instrument rating.

One year in Jersey working for Coopers and Lybrand, took an interest in the island's government.

Diamond driller down Mount Wellington Tin Mine, Cornwall.

Delivered yachts on the USA East coast.

I have an interest in Celtic and Cornish history.

Race a Falmouth Working Boat - (ancient oyster fishing fleet with long bowsprits and gaff topsails).

Have been sailing all my life.

Married in 1989, two children, one of each.

Am Church of England, mildly active.

Born in London W1. and I'm 53.

My family traces its descent from the Normans in 1066,
apparently before that we were Vikings. Well, ....no one's perfect.